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Curated by Claire Bushby and Aisyah Sumito, Borders and Transitions is an exploration of transitional space and a site-specific response to the Roe Street Carpark Arcade, a high foot-traffic transitional space in Northbridge.

Borders and Transitions investigates the psychogeographical, cultural, and environmental context in and around this site. The 'arcade' is a border territory, a site that is briefly passed through to get from one point to another. The three artists, Sophie La Maitre, Marina Van Leeuwen and Sophie Nixon reveal what might not be obvious to the busy passers-by through intimate explorations.

La Maitre, Van Leeuwen, and Nixon look between the cracks and lift the broken chunks of tarmac to reveal borders and transitions between time and space - for example, the peeling layers of paint exposing long past histories, introduced weed species popping through the cracks in the pavement telling the story of settlers, or reminding us of Northbridge's wetland history now covered in concrete and brick.

The works will be on display from 9 June - 6 November. For more information about each artist visit www.visitperthcity.com/events/borders-and-transitions.

Borders and Transitions

Start Date: 09 Jun 2017 08:00 AM

End Date: 06 Nov 2017 07:59 AM


Street: Roe Street Carpark Arcade

Town/City: Northbridge

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Website: https://www.visitperthcity.com/events/borders-and-transitions-0

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