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Arts and culture in Perth

Perth is alive with a spectacular mix of music, theatre, comedy, dance and visual art. This rich tapestry of cultural experiences is on offer throughout the year across the region.

Music lovers are in for a treat, with plenty of live music on offer especially in cultural hotspots like Perth, Northbridge, Subiaco and Fremantle. You'll find music ranging from rock bands at trendy pubs to chilled-out jazz floating from wine bars and restaurants. Perth is also emerging as a comedy capital, with hilarious local and international acts regularly on offer at special comedy clubs or pubs, especially in Northbridge.


  • Perth

  • Northbridge

  • Fremantle

  • Swan Valley

  • Perth Hills

  • Avon Valley


Check out some of the great upcoming arts and cultural events in Perth and surrounds.
  • City of South Perth's Evolve Development Program

    South Perth | Dates: 05 – 30 Aug, 2017
    Following on from its success in 2016, the City of South Perth's Evolve. development programme returns in 2017 with a diverse offering of practical and theoretical sessions to cater for a wide range of interests and needs. Are you an emerging or established artist, or simply someone who loves to get creative?
  • Forever & Ever - Brad Rimmer

    Perth | Dates: 05 Aug – 02 Sep, 2017
    Interested in how experiences and emotions shape us, artist Brad Rimmer looks at how our sensory archive collects the tiniest details to trigger memories almost cinematically. Located at Art Collective WA at Cathedral Square, Brad Rimmer's exhibition is set in 1981.
  • Order/Disorder

    Northbridge | Dates: 11 – 27 Aug, 2017
    In Order/Disorder, hosted by Paper Mountain in Northbridge, artist Isabelle Osbourne explores the ways in which photography and alternative aesthetic modes can represent mental illness, focusing specifically on Bipolar Affective Disorder.
  • Screen Space - Scratch an Aussie

    Perth | Dates: 12 Aug – 10 Sep, 2017
    Richard Bell's Scratch an Aussie is a playful yet serious video piece exploring racism in Australia. Hosted by the Art Gallery of WA from 12 August - 10 September. Through the use of jokes, mimicry and word association games between a psychiatrist (Bell) and his patients, viewers witness some of the everyday racist beliefs and jibes about Aboriginal people that operate in Australia today.


Perth galleries and museums

Perth is alive with a vibrant tapestry of music, theatre, history, art and culture. Find a variety of cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries and performing arts groups, from museums and galleries.
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Perth public art walks

If you're interested in art, but don't want to go to a museum or gallery, why not follow one of these great public art walks around Perth created to enrich visitor understand of life and history of the city as they explore the region.
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Perth outdoor cinemas

Pack a picnic, some wine and a rug and venture to one of the outdoor cinemas around Perth during the warm summer months and catch up on the latest movies, an old classic or something alternative.
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Perth art and craft markets

Perth's stunning weather and fresh produce make for a thriving market culture. You'll find plenty of weekend markets all over the region, selling a whole range of fantastic local art and craft. 
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Perth heritage walking trails and tours

You'll find a range of fantastic urban walking tracks and trails, in Perth, Fremantle and Guildford allowing visitors to discover the history and heritage of our main urban centres on foot!
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