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Escape to Rockingham & Swim with Dolphins

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Escape to Rockingham

Seal Island, Rockingham

Why you should spend a day in Rockingham

Let's be honest, Rockingham seems like an out of the norm place to have a fun day trip. However, you will find that spending a day or pulling in for a sneaky weekender in this region is well worth your while. It doesn’t matter who you're with - your kids, your partner or your mates - Rockingham can be fun as long as you're adventurous.

So, you're here - now what? Well, depending on what you're craving (swimming with dolphins, a jetpack session, flyboarding, skydiving, kiteboarding, wine tasting or shopping at the Rockingham Markets) there are plenty of things to do around Rockingham to satisfy your summer-time-activity urges.

We just adore Rockingham

Rockingham is widely unknown and remains a beautiful, untouched location for people to explore at their own leisure. With 7 beaches, Rockingham is water-baby paradise. Each has its own unique qualities and features to draw you in, plus you can’t beat the landscapes of white sand and crystal clear water.

Point Peron and Penguin Island beaches are hotspots for snorkelling, with underwater caves and reefs that protect schools of fish and colourful coral. For a more exhilarating adventure, you can try skydiving, kiteboarding and stand up paddling, which is perfect for those wild-at-heart types and all of which are located in one easy to get to spot, on the Rockingham foreshore.

Discover more about Rockingham

Rockingham Seal Island

Point Peron

Grab your fins, kayaks, SUPs, bathers and whatever else you can think of that floats and go straight to Point Peron. The calm waters and soft beach that avoids any major crowds are ideal for a casual dip in the crystal waters or a refreshing swim or SUP. Point Peron has tonnes of little nook-and-cranny-beaches that can be found with a bit of exploring, and they’re ideal for anyone who wants to have their own private beach.

The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Penguin Island is one of the locations that make Rockingham a great weekend escape. There are nature trails, once-in-a-lifetime experiences like, kayaking and swimming with dolphins and great fishing pockets and picnic spots all over the island. Not to mention, the island is home to the Little Penguin, the smallest of the penguins, who you can see through the Little Penguin Discovery centre. Locals know that the beaches of Penguin Island are generally quiet and perfect for snorkelling.

The other islands in the area also showcase Australia’s finest wildlife. From the summit lookout or on an island cruise, you can spy the Australian Sea Lions lounging about on the beach between their fishing trips. With a little help from a pair of binoculars, you will also be able to see Pelican chicks during their nesting season.

What's one thing that you won't regret, forget or want to miss? Swimming with the dolphins in Rockingham, of course.

Rockingham Dolphin Swim

Swimming with dolphins, Rockingham

Swimming with the dolphins in Rockingham

Being a quiet, peaceful area, Rockingham has the advantage of providing a more natural environment for the aquatic wildlife. Adventure junkies will be momentarily stilled by the experience and those who are looking to dial up the entertainment won’t be disappointed. Dolphins and other marine life won’t be bothered by your presence as they show off their underwater prowess, leaving you in awe and inspired to swim more yourself. If swimming with dolphins in Rockingham wasn’t on your list before now, it should be after reading this.

Book your Rockingham swim with dolphins this summer or enjoy Perth's other great offerings this summer.

Experience Rockingham this summer

There are three crucial things you need to consider this summer:

  1. Find someone who's interested in joining you
  2. Get in the car and
  3. Explore Rockingham for a day

That's it! Once you're there, you will probably be wondering why you've left it to now to do it. Learn more about Rockingham’s adventures and the precious Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and take advantage of the great summer activities that await you.



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