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Rottnest Island Tours: So much more than swimming and cycling

By the Experience Perth Blogger

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wreck diver, Rottnest Island

Diving off Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island: So much more than swimming and bike riding

Okay, so when you think of Rottnest Island, you may not always feel a sense of adrenaline and intrigue. However, there are plenty of adventures to be had if you know where to look. Don’t just limit yourself to swimming and bike riding when there are so many exciting Rottnest Island tours, ocean and island activities to be experienced.

Discover shipwrecks with Rottnest Island diving

What could be more fun than a swim in any number of crystal clear bays? A swim in the crystal clear bays amongst abandoned ships of course! Rottnest Island snorkelling offers you access to the region’s most exciting attraction: the shipwrecks. The Shark and the Uribes shipwrecks are easy and accessible. The Shark in particular is great for kids with safe, still waters and the wreck being only 50m out from the beach. The Uribes stays well preserved in an area sheltered from strong winds. More experienced snorkelers can also visit the Kiryo Maru shipwreck, which lies in pieces in the deep water.

Rottnest diving also exposes you to an enchanting world, with limestone caverns and tunnels. You can see many soft corals and sea creatures that will inspire a sense of wonder. Rottnest Island scuba diving has something for every traveller.

Guided tour of the Oliver Hill Battery

Guided tour of the Oliver Hill Battery, Rottnest Island

Discover the history with underground battle tunnels and museums

Did you know that there is a rich tapestry of underground tunnels on the island, once used to defend Australian ports from enemy warships?

Take an intriguing guided tour of these reconditioned pathways and learn about the Island’s role in World War II. Oliver Hill Battery is the only preserved emplacement in Australia that has not been stripped of its 9.2-inch guns, making this a must-see for history buffs.

You can also visit Rottnest Museum to learn about the fascinating history of the region, including the marine wrecks and European settlement. Located in the centre of Thomson Bay settlement is the Salt Store Gallery, the Exhibition Centre, Lomas Cottage and Pilot Boathouse, where you can also soak up the history and culture of the island. Wadjemup Lighthouse is another key attraction that provides breathtaking all-round views.

Learn more about everything Rottnest Island has to offer here.

Rottnest Express Eco Tour

Rottnest Express Adventure Cruise, Rottnest Island

Experience Rottnest Island Cruises and Tours

There is so much more fun to be had in the waters surrounding the island - it's not just about taking the Rottnest Island ferry to and from the island. Embark on a Rottnest Island cruise of the eco kind with the high-powered Eco Express.

You'll enjoy interpretive and entertaining commentary plus an exhilarating ride around the coastline and the secluded bays. Or better yet, join a high-powered snorkelling adventure tour, combining your love for snorkelling with an Eco Express island cruise.

The young at heart can also enjoy the seasonal Aqua Park, where you can climb, slide, jump and splash - it's fun for all ages. It's situated in North Thomson Bay near the main jetty and Visitor Centre and a great addition to the list of things to do on Rottnest Island.

If you aren't the cruising or water type, there are many other fun and creative Rottnest tours available. See the area from an entirely new perspective with scenic flights, or for those who prefer to stay grounded, you can explore the island using the Island Explorer Bus, or enjoy being guided on a Segway tour.

Take advantage of Rottnest Island this summer

So, the next time you head to Rottnest Island, there are now three more things you can consider as alternatives to just bike riding and swimming!

  1. Explore more of the island and go snorkelling amongst the local shipwrecks
  2. Discover the history of the area through the museum, galleries and at the Oliver Hill Battery, and
  3. Embark on a tour of the island, either by cruise, bus or Segway.

Learn more about Rottnest Island and many other things to see and do on Perth's coast this summer.


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