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The Mandurah's first newborn dolphin for 2017

by Experience Perth | Mar 03, 2017

Mandurah's new baby dolphin

Meet the newest addition to Mandurah's dolphin population... sighted on Wednesday for the first time by Mandurah Cruises.

It is only a day or two old, has clear fetal folds, is very small and absolutely adorable. The mother of this newborn is Malika and Mandurah Cruises is holding a competition to name the youngster - visit their Facebook page to enter.

Malika and her newborn were sighted in the Harvey Estuary in a pod of around 15 dolphins including some of the calves from last year, Hayley and her calf Comet, Bowie and her calf Ziggy, Sweetpea and her calf Sugarsnap and others.

This this a favourite time of the year to see a number of newborns along the Mandurah Cruises route. It is the first Inland Mandurah dolphin calf for the year, there have been two coastal newborns and there are still a number of pregnant females.

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