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Wildflowers on the Bibbulmun Track - experience a spectacle of colour

by Bibbulmun Track | Aug 29, 2017

Wildflowers on the Bibbulmun Track

With up to 12,000 species found within its borders and many unique to the State, Western Australia's wildflower season draws visitors from all over the world. The Bibbulmun Track is home to a wide range of this rare and unique flora.

Dainty flowers such as orchids, milkmaids, honeypots, green kangaroo paws and mountain bells give colour to the bush. More than 150 species of orchids are known to inhabit the area, along with grass trees like the kingia australis, scented plants like the brown boronia and more than 165 species of eucalypts.

The world-renowned Bibbulmun Track gives you the opportunity to get right into the bush for a closer view of some of the best wildflower displays in WA. Experience a spectacle of colour and gain an interesting insight into this biodiversity hotspot. Over 2,000 species of plants can be seen along the Track.

The Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia stretches over 1000kms from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany on the south coast. From giant boulders, to magnificent ancient forests of jarrah, karri and tingle, coastal heathlands and spectacular views, the Track passes through some of the most diverse and unique areas of Australia's South West.

As you step onto the Bibbulmun Track at the Northern Terminus in Kalamunda you begin your journey into the botanical region of the jarrah forest'. The jarrah forest is found on the Darling Plateau and during the months of July to October comes alive with a stunning and colourful variety of native flowers. The soil on the slopes is very shallow so most of the plants are low growing and form a dense, colourful, heath-like carpet, except where outcrops of ancient granite poke through giving a strong contrast to wildflowers.

Walking the Bibbulmun Track is a perfect way to immerse yourself in a dazzling display of plants and wildflowers. It is easy to access and easy to navigate. If you wish to venture out, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation sells essential maps and guidebooks, and provides a wealth of information and advice.

Also available is a handy guide, Wildflowers of the Northern Bibbulmun Track and Jarrah Forests which details over 300 of the most common wildflowers found along the northern half of the Track. Or for those unsure where to start, the Foundation includes guided wildflower walks in its seasonal Calendar of Events.

For more information read the full media release(PDF).

Bibbulmun Track

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